Scheduled Service

Ice & Snow Removal Scheduled Service

When a snowstorm hits, you don’t want to be one of the many residential communities or commercial properties that are suddenly searching for “snow removal services near me.” In the winter months, it’s much better to prepare ahead of time. 


With Charlotte Snow Plow’s scheduled service, you can have peace of mind every time there is an incoming snow or ice storm. Our professional team will come in and pretreat your surfaces, as well as automatically perform snow and ice removal, to minimize all the hazards and inconveniences that come with cold weather. 

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Benefits of a Scheduled Service for Snow Removal

In the winter months, snow removal services should be a top priority for commercial properties and residential communities. However, most people tend to forget about its importance — that is, until they are in the thick of it all. You don’t want to be left scrambling in the midst of a snowstorm because all the snow removal companies are already fully booked. 


Here are the top reasons why you need a scheduled service from a company like Charlotte Snow Plow. 

Automatic Snow Removal

Our clients don’t need to call us to perform snow pretreatment and snow removal. Charlotte Snow Plow will automatically come to your property or neighborhood whenever there is an incoming snow or ice storm, following our snow removal and snow pretreatment schedule. With this essential responsibility taken care of, property or HOA managers can focus on other tasks that will keep their area safe during severe weather conditions. 

No Wait Times

With a scheduled service for snow and ice removal, you won’t have to compete with other commercial properties and residential communities. You will be our top priority, ensuring that your property will have the best snow removal equipment and a more-than-adequate supply of de-icing chemicals. We’ll be able to take care of your property before the weather gets tough.

Regular Business Hours

While most businesses shut down during harsh winter weather, this is the time when Charlotte Snow Plow is most active. We retain regular business hours, no matter the conditions, so you 

can have peace of mind knowing that our snow removal team is on the way. 

Aiding the Local Government

In many places, the local government takes an active role in clearing snow from cities and towns. However, their services are usually limited to major roads and expressways. Charlotte Snow Plow provides services to commercial properties and residential communities. We can address even the smallest of spaces – from driveways and sidewalks to alleys and parking lots.

Why Choose Charlotte Snow Plow?

Charlotte Snow Plow is a professional snow removal company operating in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. With years of experience, our clients have come to trust us with their commercial properties and residential communities. If you schedule snow clearing service with us, here’s what you can expect:



  • Initial Evaluation: Charlotte Snow Plow will conduct an initial evaluation of your property. We will survey the total land area in order to identify walkways, curbs, and other structures that may be concealed under heavy snowfall. This is to ensure optimal snow removal without any property damage. 

  • Treatment Plan: Our team will come up with a treatment plan based on the needs and features of your property. This helps us determine which snow removal equipment is needed and how much anti-icing agents to use on your property. 

  • Active Weather Monitoring: Charlotte Snow Plow has professionals that actively monitor the weather conditions. We are always on standby so when the temperature drops, we can quickly provide your property with top-notch snow removal services. 

  • Professional-Grade Equipment: Charlotte Snow Plow has heavy-duty front-end loaders, skid-steer loaders, snow blowers, salt spreaders, ice scrapers, and other equipment to effectively remove snow and ice from any type of surface in your commercial property or neighborhood. 

Snow Removal Experts: Our team of snow removal experts knows how to use professional-grade equipment to deliver impeccable results. They also know how to deal with abrasives and chemicals, ensuring the best de-icing mixture for your surfaces. With extensive experience, Charlotte Snow Plow gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Schedule Snow Removal in Charlotte With Us!

You can trust Charlotte Snow Plow for all your snow removal needs. We are a fully insured and bonded company so you won’t have to worry about potential risks or damages. We will help keep your property, as well as your employees and/or residents, safe from all the hazards that come with snow and ice. Our company is also up-to-date on licenses and permits so you can guarantee that we are qualified to perform snow removal services. Best of all, our snow removal scheduled service comes at a reasonable price. 


Feel free to call us today at (844) 327-1986 or email us at for reliable snow removal services in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. 

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Cities We Serve

Charlotte Snow Plow caters to the following cities:

  • Charlotte
  • Ballantyne
  • Belmont
  • Concord
  • Cornelius
  • Dilworth
  • Gastonia
  • Huntersville
  • Indian Trail
  • Kannapolis
  • Kings Mountain
  • Lake Norman
  • Lancaster
  • Lincolnton
  • Matthews
  • Mint Hill
  • Monroe
  • Mooresville
  • Mount Holly
  • North Lake
  • Rock Hill

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our scheduled services include salting. Salt is a good deicing agent because it lowers the freezing point of water. Schedule snow salting service with Charlotte Snow Plow today.

It is better to salt your driveway before it snows. The salt works as a protective layer that prevents snow from sticking to the surface. It also makes snow removal much easier. Of course, it is also possible to apply salt after snowfall. The salt can help melt the snow, but it can take a long time. As always, preventive maintenance is better than corrective maintenance.

Snow begins to form when the atmospheric temperature reaches 32°F or 0°C and below. Snow will fall to the ground if the ground temperature is similar.

Although you can use a snowblower, a shovel, or even hot water to remove snow, these methods are only good for small areas. The best and fastest way to remove snow, especially for larger areas, is to hire a professional snow removal company like Charlotte Snow Plow.

Aside from a shovel, you can remove snow using a broom or a rake. Other alternatives include a snowblower or spraying hot water. But, again, these are only good for small areas. Over time, using such methods can become tiring. If you want efficient snow removal without shoveling, we can plow snow in greater quantities.

Regularly shoveling or blowing snow can keep your driveway clean. But, snow can stick to your driveway over time. If you want to prevent it from sticking, use a good deicer or pretreatment. Charlotte Snow Plow has access to commercial-grade pretreatments that can prevent ice from building up and make snow removal easy.

If you don’t remove snow, it can melt and turn into ice during freezing temperatures. Ice is a safety hazard. People can slip and hurt themselves, while vehicles can go into a skid due to the decreased traction. Apart from that, ice can damage the concrete surface underneath, causing it to expand and crack.

Charlotte Snow Plow provides expert snow removal services to commercial properties and residential communities. We use only the best equipment and deicing agents to aid our work. And while some local governments do provide this service, they mainly focus on major roads. For unparalleled snow plowing in North Carolina, we are your best choice.